Why Do I Travel?

Inside the travel portion of my library, skimming catalogs on Central America and Costa Rica, I ran across a e book- misfiled I assume. Stuck amidst the holiday courses was “Trips with Charlie”, by famous novelist John Steinbeck.

Tugging it out, I retired to a part couch. 1962, middle older, renowned, Steinbeck got decreased everything to have a cross-country trip, incognito, associated with his little dog.

Thumbing through, I discovered, wherever he roamed, the reactions were the same. “Take me along with you” whether voiced or not. Why do we dream of getting away, the further the better?

Sites, tastes, standards of living, travel before signified glamour, intrigue. Today, from the farthest outposts, many videos are present on the internet. How come it excite so still?

I believe about people who give up jobs to visit. What have they desire to find? It couldn’t have been for stories in order to.

I’m guilty of wanderlust myself, same table job, activities, interacting with new people but never deeper discussions. We stay in the predictable, unaggressive, commute to work, day friends, spectator activities, strolling or even to the fitness center maybe. What good does that for me personally or anyone?

An operating job without future, frustrated love life, meaningless regimens; maybe change will blend things up? Test thoroughly your mettle; find your capacities. That yearning, could it be for answers? Where do you fit in, how can a notable difference is manufactured by me?

When I believe again on travel, I recall myself envious of these who found community- a equine race meetup closing the cattle roundup season in Australia, a kibbutz in Israel, getting together with the prolonged family owning a Costa Rican hostel. They worked well toward one common goal, and shared enhancement.

Journeying through Israel, sticking to a grouped family who had been friends of friends, I encountered each day lives. Theirs was like mine, only living on the border as well. They recognized that they might be called to conflict or bombed tomorrow and it made them humble. It fostered a zest for living also!

Recollections envelop me, the spontaneous hikes, or mates planning a shared meal. The energy company continued attack slicing the priced ability one hour before suppertime. Don’t worry though, someone grabbed a everyone and electric guitar broke into old Aussie folk melodies.

I travelled away to are in Australia, a man being unsure of how to truly have a good time. And I came back aware it’s an American problem- and an possibility to educate my peers.

Without personal encounters or obstacles, travel becomes a clear visage, of museums, structures, vistas and restaurants. Life changing hardly, a video or postcard would do. Travel, when uneven, shows us alternatives; fresh nature revealing what’s paramount.

Just what exactly are we looking for, working from or even to? Despite what education and faith teaches us, there is absolutely no blueprint for a satisfied life. Traveling in america even, other communities adopt different ideals too.

Perhaps, it is the misunderstanding of what isn’t familiar, or characteristics in her cruel detail Melding different worlds, we view raggedness and beauty in other ethnicities making us echo.

I have discovered by traveling, living locally and walking the less beaten pathways. It’s freed my awareness and given me options- a far more vibrant life to find what I’d like. That’s what’s keeping me planning future vacations.


Vermont was so god damn awesome. The first thing noticed and the first thing i fell in love with was the trees and the folage. Every direction I looked there was na abundance of trees, all filled with rich green leaves that had you feeling like you were an ant inside of a green grass field. IT was magical.

You had woods, and waterfalls at your doorstep (well maybe a little further) you would simple make a short little ride or drive around the corner, and there you were presented with a massive waterfall, or some massive rock/tree/wood formations.

You easily had the ability to get lost, and if you managed not to, you almost wish you did. How about the 4000ft mountain that overlooks the entire Vermont in every direction. Yep you can hike that, gondola that and even zip line it.

With Vermont being a massive beer state, your taste buds are forever satisfied, and do they go down a treat with some wings or peanuts. The people are awesome and friendly,

The lack of technology and development is great as it has you feel connected to the earth and to your surrounds. There is no shortage of adventurous and adrenaline activities to get the heart rate up whenever you wanted it.

Would I go back to Vermont? Absolutely, I actually recommend it as one of my tops spots, due to its beauty and diversity.

Going Home

I’ve changed my plans. Forget Fuji, IM going back home, but this time to Vermont for a new journey to my homeland. I made the discovery to myself that though I have been travelling a lot and enjoying different places I haven’t explored my backyard yet.
Well I’m leaving in 4 hours yay, can’t wait.

Indonesia.. woah

SO on my travels I only had intentions of staying in Indonesia for a ;little while, however after being here I simply have decided not to leave.

The lovely locals are so great to talk and be with, they are so present and have such a zest for life, that is inspiring to be around.

The cheap and delicious food, that just has me hanging for the next meal, where the locals put so much love into creating for you.

All the things to do, quad biking, visiting temples, laying by the pool, massages, rainforest walks, yoga and so much more, there is endless amounts of things to do here.

The place is cheap to live and to stay comfortable, but not in a way that you feel you are ripping anyone off.

The life here is blissful, peaceful and calming. What was 2 weeks has now turned into 4 and who knows how much longer I will be here. A while I would say.

However I do know that my next journey is going to take me to Fuji, so let us see what happens there. Indonesia has been great, I’ve checked out a number of the islands and they have all been fantastic.


So after Sydney and unfortunately not a lot of available time to have in Australia, I decided that if I were to see another side of things that Perth would be the place to do that. Completely on the other coast away from all the other major capitals over on the East.

So what did I think of Perth? I loved it, more than Sydney, which was very surprising. There was something about the people and the atmosphere that was very warm and welcoming.

Within 24 hours of being in Perth and roaming the city streets, I was invited to a party being held a couple of days later.

Not having anything else to do I attended and it was simply bliss. So many people eager to connect, share and help out. A lot of dancing, a lot of talking and a lot of connecting.

At the party were organised DJ’s, photo booths, arcade machines, supplied alcohol, a swimming pool complete with inflatables and much more.

It certainly set a great first impression on Perth WA and one that did not seem to fade throughout my trip.

With one week done and dusted so quickly it was time for me to move on from down under and visit slighting north to its neighbour Indonesia.


The first of my Travels brought me into Sydney, Australia. Starting Down under, and why not hey.

Sydney is an awesome place, and the biggest city in Australia, so it was good to start things off with a bit of a bang I guess you could say.

I did well basically all of what Sydney has to offer. I visited the opera house, I not only visited the Sydney harbour bridge but I also climbed it, which was an awesome experience and certainly an adventure.

I had a dip in the ocean at Bondi, which was a beach so full I almost couldn’t find anywhere to put down my towel. But it created such a unique yet fulfilling atmosphere that you shared with so many other people, enjoying the sun, surf and sand.

After 2 weeks, it was goodbye Sydney and onto my next Australian destination on the other side… Perth

Adventure Awaits

My Name is Jeff.

I am from Coosbay Northbend In Oregan. The largest city in Oregan. Growing up here I have been exposed to a lot of things in a safe, fun, playful and exciting environment, where the fish are fresh and the people are friendly.

It is a town full of adventure and things to do. Whether it be hiking the fountains, out fishing on the river, Kayaking, constructing houses/sheds, mountain biking and so much more.

I have grown up with a passion for adventure, exploration and to give things a go. With this passion in mind I have set off to explore the world and see all of what it has to offer, beginning and ending my journeys in Coosbay North Bend.

Stay with me as I travel and share my experiences and adventures.